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Scissors Bracelet
Scissors Bracelet, made of stainless steel, available in Four Finishes. Ideal for hairstylists to draw the attention of customers towards them.
  Scissors Bracelet
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Our goal is standard of quality and reliability for every product.
About us
We are manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of micro instruments, pertaining to Haircutting, Manicure and Surgical Instruments.

We also manage the production according to graphical designs & samples, provided by the customers. We continue our technical modifications and improvements of the products. Please visit our web catalogue to find detailed information about our products.

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Barber Shears,Coiffure ciseaux

Barber Scissors
We have a variety of quality professional razor edge barber scissors, Salon Shears, Left handed Barber Scissors, Swivel thumb shears, Rotating thumb scissors. Our Scissors are made from Japanese Steel J2 and 440c. All scissors are 100% hand made from forged steel.

Pet Grooming Scissors

Pet Grooming Scissors
Grooming Scissors are produced for hair cutting of Dogs, Cats, Horses etc. We produce Grooming Shears in Straight, Up Curved and Down Curved forms, 100% hand made from forged steel.

Titanium Scissors,coiffeur cisailles

Titanium Colored Scissors
Titanium color coating provide an extra protection to the metal surface as well as it gives elegant look to the product. Our Barber Shears are available in a variety of color coatings, such as, Rainbow, Blue, Golden and Black colors.

Thinning Scissors,Filiravimo Zirkles

Thinning Scissors
We have a variety of quality thinning scissors, hair trimmer scissors. A range of 4 to 36 teeth, according to size and design of scissors, double blade thinning scissors, with baby teeth. We also have embroidery teeth scissors.

Fishing Scissors

Fishing Scissors
Fishing Scissors / Fly Tying Scissors are essential tools for both personal and professional use. Keeping in mind the needs, we manufacture reliable quality Fishing Scissors from two types of stainless, J2 steel and 440C steel, 100% hand made from forged steel.



Nail Scissors

Nail Scissors
A variety of Nail Scissors, Cuticle Scissors, Face Eyebrow scissors, Fancy scissors, pocket scissors, Nose scissor, Ear scissors, Moustaches scissors, Toenail scissors, Arrow point scissors, Round tip scissors in all kind colored and polished finish.

Nail Nippers

Nail Nippers
For personal and professional use we have fine quality Nail nippers, Flowers pluckier, Garden tools, in Puffer Spring, Screw Joint, Double Spring, Box Joint, Single Spring, Moon Shape, Single Wire Spring made from the finest Stainless Steel. Different shapes are designed to give a variety of comfort to user, leaving less stress on wrist and fingers.

Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle Nippers
Nail and Cuticle Nippers, Acrylic Nippers in Single Wire Spring, Box Joint, Scissors Type, Double Spring, made from stainless steel.


Beauty Tweezers
We are producing many types of Tweezers including Cosmetic Tweezers, Eyebrow Tweezers, Pointed Tweezers, Optical Tweezers, Jewelry and general purpose tweezers.

Nail Pushers

Nail Pushers
Nail and Cuticle Pushers, in many designs and tip shapes for different kind needs of users. Made from stainless steel, with life time Guarantee. Serrated surface handles will always ensure a secure grip, enabling the user to work close to the cuticle without slipping and damaging the nail or finger, easy to use and easy to clean.

Scissors Bags and Cases

Shear Bags , Cases and Pouches
You can design your own Haircutting Shear kits. Precious Shears need to be stored safely for which we have Shear cases and pouches, made from Natural and Artificial leather as well as Wooden Shear Case.

titanium forceps and clamps

Titanium Clamps and Forceps
Forceps and Clamps made from Titanium are available in all shapes like; Straight, Curved, Bended, Baby vascular, large vascular forceps, Arrow tips forceps, needle forceps etc. We also undertake manufacture according to customers' samples / pictures.

Iris scissors, spring scissors

Iris Scissors | Spring Scissors | Bow Scissors
Titanium made Iris Scissors. It is also called Iris Scissors and Bow Scissors. There are manufactured in straight and curved form (up curved, down curved).

titanium cuticle nippers

Titanium Cuticle Nippers
We present our unique item; Titanium cuticle nippers. We are one from those small numbers of manufacturers who can produce Titanium cuticle nippers.

Needle Forceps

Scissors Clamps | Needle Holder Scissors Forceps
We produce Scissors-Clamps from Pakistan Steel as well as from Japanese J1 Steel, also manufactured in Titanium Alloy.

Tischler Biopsy Forceps

Tischler Biopsy Forceps
Premium quality Tischler Biopsy Forceps for precise cutting without any discomfort or stress.


More products are coming soon.